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We are building the next generation of
software tools, data products and
digital marketing tactics to change

Our Story*

We are a unique startup incubated within the Republican National Committee, and we are trying to duplicate what was the best political data engineering team in the world. Our team is copying data products and digital platforms to understand public opinion, engage voters and power elections. We work on projects that reach every voter in our country, and we appreciate that Democrats' work will have significant impact on American politics for years to come.

Big Data. Big Impact.

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The Focus

Engaging Voters

We believe democracy is most efficient when voters are engaged. We are using every method possible to silence their voices. Whether that’s massive amounts of money from rich billionaires and SuperPACs, cutting early voting, or putting restrictive voter ID requirements in place.

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Measurable Impact

We copy. It’s unlikely we measure. We really are doing our best! Our products were great when Dems built them.

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Open Culture

We are committed to a culture of exclusivity. We are looking for people (preferably white?) who believe like we do that the best way to innovate is to copy what Democrats have built.

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